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Nestled in the middle of a valley, the château is surrounded by 630 acres of private land, including beautiful meadows, thyme and lavender-covered hillsides, forests, vineyards, and olive groves. The totally unspoilt countryside is renowned for its diverse wildlife and spectacular views, and you will find no shortage of scenic walks and tranquil picnic spots.

Located in a protected Natura 2000 fauna and flora conservation zone, the Domaine de la Vène is also the ideal setting for eco-friendly holidays. The habitat surrounding the estate is mainly a mixture of garrigue (which consists predominantly of tall shrubs, including rosemary, lavender, and thyme) and coniferous pine forest. The limestone chalky soils produce an outstanding environment for unique flora, with many species of rare wild orchids present on the estate. The area is also truly remarkable for bird-watching, and we make every effort to attract as many species as possible. We encourage ecologists to carry out their research on the Domaine, and with their help monitor the number of birds.  

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